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About Us. | Canadian Wedding Photography.

Toronto Wedding Photographers. are a Toronto based Wedding Photography business that has continued to serve Toronto’s Brides and Grooms with 10 years of experience based on two primary goals.  Affordability and great Customer Service.

Why Choose Us To Photograph Your Wedding?

Your Wedding photos will not only reflect the highlights of your Big Day but also serve as beautiful keepsakes for years to come!  And best of all none of our Services will have you running to the Bank to take out a second Mortgage to pay for your Wedding which is so common in the Toronto’s Wedding Industry today.

Wedding Photography Packages Toronto.

Are you a budget conscious Couple like most of us nowadays and your only interested in a 4 Hour Micro Wedding Package and the high resolution images?  Or are you a go for the gold Bride or Groom and you want all the bells and whistles for you Wedding?  You’ll find both options here and ready to fit your Pocket Book!

Affordable Wedding Photography!

As an affordable Toronto based Wedding Photographer, our Wedding Photography Services include but are not limited to cost effective Toronto Wedding Photography and Wedding Engagement Sessions in Toronto.  We guaranteed to not only capture authentic moments of your love but do so in such a matter that you’ll be proud to share your Engagement and/or Wedding photos to your family and friends for years to come.

Wedding Photography Toronto.

As such take a moment.  Consider what Canadian Wedding Photography can offer you and give us a call.  We’d love to hear from you and discuss how we might be able to help with your Big Day!  That Contact Form to get the conversation started is just at the bottom of the Page.  Let’s find out just how well we can make your Big Day happen!

Current Service Areas.

Not sure if we cover your area?  Let’s check!

If you would like a detailed map of our current Service areas in Southern Ontario you may certainly refer to this Online map provided by ACTRA Toronto to find out if we would be able to provide you with our outstanding 5 Star Service.

Would you like to learn more.  Check out our recent Blog Post entitled Toronto Wedding Photographer Benefits.

FAQ | How We Deliver On Our Promises!

General Considerations.

As a Photographer who has worked within the Toronto Portrait and Wedding Industry for the past ten years, I’ve come to understand my craft.  Understand my Couples and their needs both in front of the lens as well as past the lens in regard to their Post Production photo finishing requirements.

We’ve offered experienced and cost saving Photography services to the Toronto and the Great Toronto Area for the past decade.  Wedding photography has been our mainstay with services ranging from quality Micro Wedding Photography to full service all day photography sessions in our wonderful  City of Toronto.

Yet we’ve also come to know and appreciate that not everyone is comfortable working with a Professional Photographer.  That at times it just seems downright uncomfortable with someone standing in front of you with a high powered DSLR.

Hence we ensure that we take the time to discuss and gently coax the best out of our Customers.  You’ll never have to worry about looking awkward in your Wedding or Portrait photographs.  We’ve been there before and we’re here to make you feel comfortable.

Q.  How soon should I start planning my Wedding?

A.  Routinely it should be a min of six months and a max of about a year.  IMHO is your planning your Wedding for a period of time longer then a year one tends to over complicate the planning procedure.  Which almost certainly leads to undue confusion and lost revenue.

Q.  What happens if I have to cancel my Wedding for any reason?
A.  Traditionally you would forfeit your Deposit but if any monies are received beyond that point it is the our responsibility and good will in my opinion to refund such monies beyond that of the Deposit.

Booking Your Wedding.

Canadian Wedding Photography is currently using a wonderful Client Management Software called Studio Ninja.  It’s an all in one Service that has simplified the often all to confusing system of retaining a credible Toronto Photography Service.

During this initial Booking Stage you’ll be requested to complete three must do’s to ensure that our Services at Canadian Wedding Photography are properly Booked and secured for your Wedding day.

The steps that Studio Ninja will effortlessly lead you through is as follows.  Making the Booking process simple and easy.

  1. A Retainer Fee must be issued.  This Retainer Fee is roughly 30% of your overall Package cost(s).  This Retainer fee essentially holds onto your day as requested.
  2. The remaining 70% must be paid in full one Month before your Wedding to ensure there is no unnecessary service interruptions. Additionally ensuring that there is no outstanding monies owing on the day of your Wedding.  One less thing to worry about.
  3.  Lastly, your Contract & Questionnaire must be completed.  Digitally signed and returned to Canadian Wedding Photography to ensure a smooth workflow to everyone’s satisfaction!

As your Toronto Wedding Photographer we’ve done our best to ensure everything runs smoothly.  After all, isn’t that what our Couples are looking for in a credible Wedding Photography Service?

Wedding Engagement Shoots.

Q.  When should be we do our Engagement Shoot?
A.  Roughly three Months before your Wedding.  This allows you to either select the digital image of your choice to get out your digital Wedding Invitations or print your intended image and add it to your Invitation to mail out to your intended Guests.

Q.  What if I don’t want a Wedding Engagement Shoot?
A.  Not a problem.  We can restructure your Wedding Photography Package to better suit your needs as a Couple.

Q.  How long does a Wedding Engagement Shoot last?
A.  Roughly 45 min to an hour tops.  We’re in and out quickly so as not to tie up to much of your day.

Q.  Can I print my own images?
A.  Sure you can if you purchased a non-print Package.

Q.  Can we get the RAW files.
A.  No sorry.  Unedited work is never released.  Our reputation has been rightly earned on how we originally photograph your Wedding and how we finish your Wedding images.

Q.  How long to we see our Photos?
A.  Three Weeks from the time of your Wedding is generally the right time expectation.  Yet this expectation may be before or after the aforementioned depending on our Shooting Schedule.

At the three Weeks mark your Gallery will be Online and ready to go!

Your Wedding Day Outline.

Q.  How are my hours structured during my Wedding Day?
A.  All Wedding Day hours are consecutive.  Meaning once we pull out our cameras the clock start ticking.  Unfortunately, there are no ‘Down Times’ or breaks per your Wedding Day coverage.  

Per say if you bought a 4 hour Micro Wedding Package and your Wedding starts at 12 Noon your Wedding coverage ends at 4pm.

As such we’ll do our best to fit you into the right Wedding Photography Package but your Contract will not allow you to turn a four hour Package into a six, seven or eight hour day without proper compensation.

Q.  Do you show up early for our Wedding?  Even before we arrive?
A.  100%.  Your Photography Team will arrive roughly a half hour before you even show up.  It’s always preferential for us to be ahead of time to make sure we get our set up Shots before the Church begins to fill up.

Q.  Our Wedding is going into Overtime.  Can you stay a little longer?
A.  Sure we can.  Overtime is valued at $100.00/hour.  Although we don’t mind staying later then expected this is something that will be discussed and mutually agreed upon at the time requested.

Q.  What happens if it rains on our Wedding Day?  My Dress is expensive.  I don’t want to ruin my hair!
A.  In short, we’re moving inside to ensure both our Customer’s have a great day and we keep our expensive equipment dry.  Our Commercial Insurance does not cover working in the rain.

Q.  When do you leave our Wedding?
A.  Once the Evening’s Dance has begun we’re pretty much done at that point.  Traditionally what follows is pretty much for your Family and you probably don’t need a hundred photos of people dancing and closing off the Evening.

Post Wedding. Gallery. Delivery.

Q.  How long will my Gallery stay up?  How long do I have to download all my Wedding Day images?
A. 30 Days.  A full Calendar Month seems to be the perfect length of time for a Couple to come back from their Honeymoon, download all of their images and start the selection process to enable us to begin to design your Album.

Q.  Can I extend the length of time that my Gallery stays active.
A.  Sure you can but there will be a surcharge of $30.00 per Month which must be paid in full prior to such a request.  Computer Server space is expensive so we do highly suggest that you download everything right from the start to ensure your able to properly review our images and prep the same for your Album(s) or Prints.

Q.  How many finished images do we receive?
A.  This is always a tricky question.  I would repose the question.  It’s always an issue of quality over quantity.  I would rather present your with 300 amazing photos from an 8 – 12 hour day then a 1000 crappy photos from the same.  And would you really be happy with 1000 photos that don’t meet with your expectations?  I think the answer is clear.

Q.  How do we receive our Albums or Prints.
A.  All Albums and Prints are delivered free of charge anywhere in Ontario.  We currently use Canada Post – Express Post to accomplish the same.

Q.  We are American Customers.  How do we receive our finished Albums or Prints down in the USA?
A.  Albums and Prints can be shipped to the United States of America but the additional Shipping costs are solely  covered by the Customer.   Alternatively, USA Orders can also be shipped to a family Residence here in Ontario if you so prefer.


Preferred Service Partners

DJ Tony
20 Years Experience.  DJ & Lighting Specialist

Serving all of Ontario and Quebec for over 20 years has given us the experience to provide you and your guests with music catered to fit your specific needs. We are constantly on our toes from start to finish to ensure that you and your guests have an experience to remember.

Telephone: (647) 646-2235.

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Business Hours

Mon.      10 am. – 6 pm.
Tue.       10 am. – 6 pm.
Wed.      10 am. – 6 pm.
Thurs.    10 am. – 6 pm.
Fri.          10 am. – 6 pm.
Sat.         10 am. – 6 pm.
Sun.                      Closed.

Service Areas

Toronto, Ontario
Etobicoke, Ontario
Mississauga, Ontario
Brampton, Ontario
Vaughan, Ontario
Richmond Hill, Ontario
Markham, Ontario
Scarborough, Ontario

Toronto Wedding Photography

Our Mission Statement.  Our Company’s success has been built on the following three ideals.  Fast, friendly and Professional customer service!

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