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Best Guild To Understanding Wedding Photography Costs In 2023!


A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Wedding Photography Costs.

How Much Has Wedding Photography Costs Changed Since The Pandemic.

In 2020, Wedding Photography costs saw a dramatic shift due to the Worldwide Pandemic. As many Couples had to cancel or postpone their Weddings, Wedding photographers had to adjust their prices and services accordingly. In this article, we will explore how much Wedding photography costs have changed since the Pandemic in 2020 and what trends we can expect in 2023..

Introduction: Explaining the Significance of Wedding Photography and Its Increasing Costs

Wedding Photography is an important part of any Wedding Day. It captures the special moments, emotions and memories that will be cherished for years to come. However, in recent years, the cost of Wedding photography has been steadily increasing.

What Factors are Behind the Increase in Wedding Photography Costs Since 2020?

The cost of wedding photography has been on a steady rise since 2020. Couples are now spending more money on Wedding Photography than ever before. This is due to a number of factors such as the increased cost of Professional Photographers. The rising demand for high-quality photos, and the need for additional services such as editing and retouching.  Other factors that may influence the end cost of a Toronto Wedding Photographer’s service which now has to be considered due to the ever rising costs of performing such a Professional service are as follows.

Gasoline (That’s a big one!)
Availability.  There is only so many Weekends in a Year to work.
The Economy.  Ever rising Inflation and Cost of doing Business.
Advertising costs.  How a Customer finds just the right Photographer.
Assistant Fees (They have to eat as well and put gas in their car.)
Bigger Weddings are returning = Extended photo editing time.
Related End Services.  (i.e. Professional Printing costs.  Albums & Prints)
Canada Post Express Post Album Delivery Costs. (Yep… gotta pay those Delivery people.)
Rising equipment costs.  Customers expect the latest and greatest cameras and lenses.

Loss of Business due to the Pandemic.

While many Industries in Canada received multiple handouts during the Pandemic i.e. the Restaurant and Hospitality Industry – The Canadian Wedding Industry received nothing.  And this is only the short list.  This list could go on forever!

How 2023 is Expected to Impact Wedding Photography Prices and What Couples Should Consider When Setting Their Budget.

As the Wedding Industry continues to evolve in 2023, Couples planning their Big Day should consider how 2023 is expected to impact Wedding Photography prices.  With the rise of new trends, such as Destination Weddings returning and Photobooths, Couples are now faced with more options when it comes to selecting a Photographer for their Big Day. Additionally, the average cost of a Wedding Photographer has risen significantly over the past few years due to increased demand and competition.  It’s the old story – supply and demand.

The Best Tips & Strategies to Get Affordable Yet Professional Wedding Photographers.

  • Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. Like all Professions discuss with your Photographer what you want in a Package and what you don’t want.
  • Do you really need all those 12 hours covered at your Wedding?  Maybe just cover what part of the Wedding Day is most important i.e. the Ceremony.  Reception coverage might not be required if you concerned about costs.
  • If you don’t want or need an Engagement Shoot perhaps you can save that hour and put it towards your actual Wedding.  This might save on over time costs should your Wedding not run on time.
  • Do you really need a back up Photographer if your Wedding is only gonna be 4 hours?
  • Do you need the top of the line Wedding Albums or would a mid grade Album better suit your Budget?

When you think about it there is really a lot of things you can negotiate or speak with your Photographer.


Although Wedding photography is still largely considered a luxury item here in Toronto and Canada there are ways that you can ensure that you do have an licensed and experienced Wedding photographer at your Wedding.  And after all isn’t that all we really want?  A lifetime of beautiful memories to remember our day by!

Here at Canadian Wedding Photography that has and will always be our primary goal.  Affordable Wedding photography and beautiful printed to immortalize your Big Day!

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How To Plan Your Wedding In Canada.

Would you like to learn more about how to plan your Wedding in Canada.

The following Article entitled ‘How To Plan Your Wedding In Canada’ offered by is an excellent resource.  Whether your a natural born Canadian or just visiting Canada to get married, this is an amazing Article with lots of useful information to get you started.

Enjoy the read! 

Blair is a Toronto based Wedding & Portrait Photographer who lives his life through the lens one frame at a time.  Always chasing that perfect image whether it’s a beautiful afternoon Wedding or a long overdue Family Portrait Session.

He is a free spirited Creative who is truly invested in savings his Customer’s their hard earned cash in an already over priced Toronto Wedding Industry.  His motto in life is really quite simple.  Grab life by the horns and enjoy.  Our time on this Big Blue Marble we call Planet Earth is short enough!  

Hence his approach to Professional Photography.  Do a great job for your Customer and you’ve accomplished something in Life.  Life is just too short to be sitting on the sidelines and waiting for that perfect opportunity to dance!

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