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Cheap Wedding Photographer. It's May Not Be What Your Expecting!

Let me ask you.  Would you take your car in for an oil change to a Cake Decorator?  Would you take your one year old in for swimming lessons at a local Construction site hoping one of the guys could teach your child to learn the Backstroke.  Or would you walk through the doors of a Walmart hoping they could help you with Interior Design?  Of course you wouldn’t yet I get these comparisons all the time.

Your looking for guaranteed results right for your Daughter’s Wedding yet as a Professional Wedding Photographer of over 10 years, I’m asked all the time why I can’t drop my prices so unbelievably low that I couldn’t even afford to pay my Mortgage or feed my kids.  Even more so in these turbulent financial times such as today.  In short a cheap Wedding Photographer might just not be your best bet for your Daughter’s Wedding.

Understanding The Value Of Wedding Photography.

Quality over cost.  Quality Wedding Photography isn’t just about pointing a camera and taking pictures.  It’s about capturing emotions, preserving moments and telling a unique story that is your Daughter’s Wedding.  

Something that your Daughter has been waiting for quite some time since she met Mr. Right so very long ago.  A skilled Wedding Photographer invests in high end equipment, possesses an artistic eye and honed their Craft over a great number of years.  These very same elements contribute significantly to the final results of what is expected to be an amazing Day!

Do you really want to leave that responsibility to a cheap Wedding Photographer?

Expertise and Experience.

Let’s explore more.  An affordable Wedding Photographer brings expertise that goes beyond just technical skills.  Quality Wedding Photography involves the proper understanding and use of lighting, composition and timing.  That type of training only comes after years of working in the field.  Something that a cheap Wedding Photographer might just not have if he or she is a beginner who is still building their Portfolio.

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The Pitfalls of Cheap Wedding Photography.

Compromised Quality.

Without a shade of doubt choosing a cheap Wedding Photographer often means compromising on quality.  Are you ready to explain that to your Daughter and her Fiancée?  Lower prices may reflect subpar equipment, lack of experience or  a limited skill set.  Quite often resulting in poor composition or poorly edited photographers.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many Brides have fallen victim to this one.  But on his or her Website his photos looked amazing.  Of course they did.  That cheap Wedding Photographer has only put up his best work to lure unsuspecting Brides and Grooms into his substandard Service.  Unfortunately quite often you don’t get to see the behind the scenes operation of their Business.

Risk of Missed Moments.

An inexperienced Photographer just doesn’t have the experience to know where they should be, when they should be.  As a experienced Wedding photographer, I know where I gotta be at every moment of your Daughter’s Wedding.  But that’s experience talking.

Finding The Balance.

Value, not just price.

Instead of fixating solely on price focus instead of the value offered by any perspective Photographer whom your considering to work your Daughter’s Wedding.

Many skilled Photographers offer Packages that balance and affordability.  But you’ve got to do your Homework.  Ensure you do your research and compare apples to apples.  Remember all that shines is not necessarily gold!

Prioritize Communication.

Ensure that, if you do choose to work with a cheap Wedding Photographer that your communication with him or her is very clear and consistent.  Make sure to stay focused with these people.  Don’t let a single detail slip by without following up on it.  Remember Weddings don’t happen every day.

Conclusion: Quality Prevails.

When it comes to Wedding Photography, the age old adage “You get what  you payed for,” often rings true.  While a cheaper Wedding Photographer might seem enticing, it can lead to regrets when those same cherished moments aren’t captured at your Daughter’s Wedding.  Invest in an experienced, skilled Photographer that may require a higher, realistic budget but the priceless memories that your Photographer brings will most certainly justify the cost.

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