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I believe it was that cheerful wisp of a young Woman’s voice who asked for one of the Best Wedding Photographers Ontario who announced that she and her Fiancée would like an Oakville Wedding Engagement Photography Shoot in Gairloch Gardens that caught my attention.  That or the ever present desire to return to Gairloch Gardens that peaked my interest.

Having worked in this Oakville Park more then once, I was also eager to return to the same to bring out my cameras again to photograph yet another Wedding Engagement Shoot in this beautiful Provincial Park.

Hence I walked into this Shoot with our Couple Maria and Jeff and my trusty Partner in crime Nirmal Pant.

The grounds were as always well maintained with wide open grassy areas.  A beautiful man made Water Fountain and a gorgeous view of Lake Ontario to capture all the love and energy of this young Couple in tow.  And as we moved around from venue to venue in this Park our cameras began to sign with one amazing shot after the other.  A true Wedding Photographer’s daydream to be precise.

And the results were once again amazing.  Once again living up to this Parks reputation of one of Provinces’ best Oakville wedding  photo locations.

Photographers In Oakville Ontario

Are you planning your own Oakville Wedding Photography getaway?  If so this place is for you.  It’s just a half hour from Downtown Toronto and a straight drive across Lakeshore Road.  A short drive that is well worth the effort.

And among the most thankful Photographers In Oakville Ontario I would be blessed to work with all newly engaged Couples who wish to visit this beautiful Venue to capture their Wedding Engagement shots.

Call us and lets discuss just what we can do for you.  You won’t be disappointed.  Just remember to bring the sun screen lotion.  You won’t want to leave this beautiful place without enjoying the view of Lake Ontario and beyond!

Your Oakville Wedding

Is alive and waiting for you to explore.  Photography Oakville.  It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before!

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