Ford Motor Company. Country Heritage Park Wedding. Milton.

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Now this young Couple Alena and Michael we’re gonna do things a little differently.  To be precise we were off to the Ford Motor Company Milton Farm for a beautiful Country Wedding.  And this my friends was a place that I certainly didn’t know about.  

Who would have guessed that the Ford Motor Company of Canada had setup up a beautiful Wedding Venue in Milton complete with classic old cars and antique Farm vehicles.  Not to mention that amazing oversized Barn that would host this once in a lifetime Event for my young Couple!

Nestled in the earliest foothills of the Niagara Escarpment our Couple took to the open air Venue to say their Wedding Vows and pledge their eternal undying love to each other this late midsummer Weekend.

And I must admit it was sure to be one of my favorite Wedding Shoots of 2022 without a question.

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Alena dressed in a beautiful flowing white Wedding Gown and Michael in an ever so dapper but classic dark suit that was set against a large Wedding Party that moved between the large Farm Property that any Toronto Wedding Photographer could certainly sink his or her teeth into.

But I believe it was the great open fields with the antique Farm vehicles that set this Wedding aside from any other Wedding that my Partner and I shoot this year.

This place is so much Country.  But I think it was the massive Barn with the amazing Dance floor that really took me by surprise.  Who would have thought that such a massive Wedding Venue even existed in Milton?  All in all this was an amazing place to work!

Just have a gander at the provided Wedding photos above to enjoy the magnificence of this place.  A Venue that I would most certainly revisit this place again providing the opportunity present itself!

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