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The Beauty Of Greek Wedding Photography

Having photographed perhaps in every Ethnic Culture in the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area, I must admit that Photographing the Greek Wedding of Felicia and Terry was certainly a treat to behold.

As expected the Greek Wedding traditions within this Greek Orthodox Wedding were alive and well during my time spent with this wonderful Couple.  The emotions of the day were overcome with pride, resilience and a unique sense of the what was most certain to lie ahead for this Couple.  Surrounded by family and friends our day was filled not only with a sense of heartfelt emotions but tears of elation that I had truly never experienced before in the Toronto Wedding Industry as a whole.

In short, my day spent with Felicia and Terry was a day that I’m sure I won’t forget.  And most certainly a day that I hope to remember fondly over my Wedding Photographer’s career in the Toronto area.

Greek Wedding Traditions.

Having accepted this Toronto Wedding the Stage was set for Sept 18, 2021 Downtown at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral Of The Annunciation Of The Virgin Mary.  Comfortably set within the Greek Community at 136 Sorauren Avenue, Toronto, Ontario.  Just East of Toronto’s High Park.

This Church which was originally consecrated in 1909 went through a number of changes of Religious Faiths was later established as a Greek Orthodox Church in 1961 and remains so to this day.  Yet for the many historical turnovers, this Church has remained a bastion of both beauty and functionality.  Highly vaulted ceilings.  Beautiful stained glass windows and rows upon rows of Pews all meticulously set to perfectly align with the Church Alter which is both easy to see and hear the Auditory from the back of the Building.

And having worked in this Church, to see our Bride Felicia walk down that Isle with tears of celebratory joy in her eyes was something out of magical storybook setting.  In short a Toronto Wedding Photographer’s dream!

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At Canadian Wedding Photography there is probably not a single Community that we have now worked in at this point.  And as they say variety is the spice of life! 

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