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How To Photograph Children At A Wedding.

Encourage Your Soon To Be Married Couple To Bring Their Kids.

While this may bring shivers to some Parents who are about to walk down the Isle for a second time, there is no better time to introduce the World to our existing Little ones then sharing the limelight with our Children.  Thus allowing you as the Photographer to actually build trust with the kids for the quickly approaching Wedding at hand.

Toys Encourage Familiarity.

A familiar toy such as a Sponge Bob Square Pants encourages a sense of familiarity and comfort.  Just something to provide a sense of security for our younger people while they await their turn in front of the camera lens.  Basically it’s comfort food for their hands.

Show The Kids The Back Of The Camera.

As a Toronto Wedding Photographer one of the greatest tricks I’ve learned over the years in respect to working with the kids is show the kids the back of the camera.  Let them see their smiling faces with Mom or Dad.  All of a sudden you’ve established a sense of ‘Creditability’ with this younger Generation.  Allowing the kids a sense that’s it ok to open up to you and trust in the Process.

Don't Freak Out! They're Kids After All.

This simple tip might be a hard one for the non-Parent’s out there.  Whenever one is tasked with working with kids it’s gonna happen.  Kid’s always seem to be on their own Schedule.  Just be patient.  Allow their minds to wonder a bit.  Having their picture taken might not be a common or even comfortable undertaking for them.  Just continue to guild them with soft reassuring tones and you’ll get there.

Allow Yourself A Long Window Of Opportunity!

Kids just don’t work on a Schedule.  As Adults we can normally stay on track but kids are a whole different bunch of priorities.  Is it the swirling disco lights or the floor pounding DJ that grabs their attention.  Have patience or better yet a back up plan to photograph kids at a Wedding. As Professional Weddings Photographers Toronto we have a due diligence to look after the little ones at any Wedding.  Remember a little bit of patience goes a long way with kids.

Keep The Kids Talking. Use Their Names.

And my last tip or trick on how to Photograph kids at a Wedding is  keep them talking.  Keep them engaged and call them often by their name.  One of the most fundamental skills we learn is communication from a very young age.  And kids love to hear their name called.  Use that listening skill to your benefit (and your Wedding Day schedule) and I can assure you that you’ll be able to provide your Wedding Couple the best memories possible of their Big Day!

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