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Tradition is an important aspect of every young Indian Wedding Couple.  Initially in respect of the Cultural norms of Toronto’s multicultural societies but also in respect to fulfilling a Couples ‘sense of home.’  As was the Indian Wedding of Anushree and Ankit.  A wonderful, young Couple who were so warm and welcoming this experienced Toronto Photographer.

With both sets of Parents unable to attend their Son’s and Daughter’s Wedding, this Toronto Wedding Photographer was tasked with capturing a beautiful four hour Micro Wedding Shoot  for this wonderful Couple.  Complete with all the love, visual magic and music that one might expect of an Indian Wedding in Brampton, Ontario.  And wow did we ever deliver on this Shoot.

Indian Wedding Photography Brampton.

Having accepted this wonderful task, we we’re headed out to the diverse Ontario community of Brampton, Ontario.  Just North West of Toronto which currently supports a growing and dominate South Indian Community.  Our Couples goal was to have the Wedding they would have had back home in India should they have been able to travel during the Pandemic with family and friends in attendance.  Complete with all the classic Indian Wedding poses and tradition that one might expect of a South Asian Wedding.

Having worked within the South Asian community multiple times, our Couples Wedding unfolded with the expected proceedings of any Indian Wedding as one might expect but the unique thing about this young Couples Wedding was just how much love this Couple shared.  One could just see it in their eyes and they embraced their Wedding vows and held each other for all the World to see.  Their Parent’s would have been proud back home even if they were not able to attend due to the Pandemic travel restrictions.

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Make sure that every moment of your Indian Wedding is perfectly captured with the help of our experienced photographers in Brampton.

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Working with a limited budget our Team at Canadian Wedding Photography – Toronto’s affordable Wedding Photography was able to put together a very cost effective four hour Micro Wedding Photography Package that fit the bill.  As it is our firm belief that every Couple should be able to afford a beautiful day of Wedding Photography at a reasonable Wedding Photography Package rates.  Regardless of how affluent one might be or how are you have to stretch your Wedding Day budget.

Planning your own Toronto Indian Wedding?

Our Team at Canadian Wedding Photography would love to discuss and take on your Wedding Shoot.  Allow us to custom design a Toronto Wedding Photography Package that fits your needs and we’re off to the races.  All we need you to do is add a dash of love.  Our cameras and experience will do the rest.  

Beautiful Wedding photography that will last you a lifetime!

Interested in a Indian pre Wedding photography shoot to set the stage for your upcoming Wedding.  Yes we can do that as well.  We’ll be sure to bring out our best lens for Indian Wedding Photography every time!

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Attending an Indian Wedding or a Hindu Wedding?

Are you attending an Indian or Hindu Wedding soon?  How about this amazing  Guild entitled ‘4 Dos And Don’ts At An Indian Weddings.’  This amazing Guild offered by Katie Collom is sure to fill in any gaps in your planning on attending your first Indian Wedding.  This Guild is purposely intended for Wedding Guests and Family.

Just be sure to dress comfortably and bring your Sari or Kurta.  Comfort first right! 

Thanks Katie.  Excellent work!

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Indian Wedding Photography.
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Indian Wedding Photography Brampton.
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