Indian Wedding Photography North York

Indian Wedding. North York, Ontario.

Now if there is ever a job that this Toronto Wedding Photographer would jump at it would start with ‘Would you photograph our Wedding in Black and White?’  Mention those two words Black and White and this camera man is jumping for joy.

Our young Couple this day apparently we’re life long aficionados of the Black and White genre.  Color was good for them and many of the photos that I produced in post production were finished in a full color but our Couple, Sara and Ned just loved the old fashioned feeling that Black and White photography produced.  So Black and White photography and Black and White photos it was for the day.  Hence the mood for the day was set and it was going to be an absolutely amazing for this Toronto Wedding Photographer.

Indian Wedding Photography Toronto

As this Indian Wedding was Booked just outside of the Ontario Provincial Government’s COVID restrictions being lifted, it was going to be a smaller Wedding.  Just immediate family.  Yet it was also magical in the eyes of this Toronto Wedding Photographer. 

Our Couple Sara and Ned were ABSOLUTLEY in love.  More so then I’ve seen of other Couples who I’ve worked with over the past few years.  You could just see the love in their eyes and how they still shyly looked at each other at the Church Alter.  Their hands gently touching as the resident Church Minister led them through Wedding vows.  First in Sara’s South Asian – Sri Lankin family’s beliefs and then Ned’s traditional North American Vows.  Something that I haven’t seen before as a Toronto Wedding Photographer of over a decade photographing Toronto Weddings.

Are you hearing Wedding Bells ringing this year for you and your Fiancé?  We’re here to help and beautifully capture the magic of your Toronto Wedding.  But perhaps the best way to close off this Blog Post is to leave you with Sara’s and Neds 5 Star Google Review.

“It was a pleasure to work with Blair on our Wedding day. We were delighted to find Blair as he is a fantastic photographer. He is very professional, trustworthy, and very attentive to any requests regarding photos. If you are looking to capture those moments of fun, excitement, and love he’s your go-to photographer with very affordable prices. He is very understanding and easy to talk to, which we were mainly looked for. His ability not to miss a moment is absolutely incredible. He effortlessly tailors to specific photo requests and you can tell he loves every moment of it. Thank you so much for helping to make our wedding day so special. I would highly recommend him to anyone without hesitation!”

– Sara & Ned (2021)


Pakistani Wedding photo.

11 Things To Expect When Attending An Indian Wedding.

Would you like to learn more about attending an Indian or Hindu Wedding?  The following Article written by Junebug Weddings does a wonderful job of giving you an insider’s insight if your about to attend your first Indian or South Asian Wedding.

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Indian Wedding Photography.
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