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Hosting your own Indian  or South Asian Wedding in Toronto or the GTA?  We’re here to help.  Canadian Wedding Photography has worked within your Community for over the past 10 years.

We’re ready to take on your one day or multi day Indian Wedding and provide you with outstanding Indian Wedding Photography!

How We Capture Every Moment Of Your Indian Wedding!

Capturing the beauty and cultural richness of an Indian Wedding requires a thoughtful and experienced approach. As an accomplished Wedding Photography Service in Toronto, here are some key steps we take to ensure that every moment of your Indian Wedding is beautifully captured from start to finish.  

  1. We Understand Your Cultural Traditions:  We familiarize ourselves with the rich and diverse traditions and Ceremonies involved in Indian Weddings. This includes the pre-wedding rituals, the main wedding ceremony, and post-wedding celebrations. Knowing the significance of each ritual will help you anticipate key moments.

  2. Pre-Event Consultation: We schedule a thorough Consultation with the couple well before the Wedding day. Discuss their preferences, specific rituals they want to emphasize, and any Cultural nuances they’d like you to capture. This helps in creating a personalized photography plan.

  3. Coordinate with the Wedding Planner:  We collaborate with the Wedding Planner to ensure you’re aware of the Schedule, Venue details, and any unique elements of your Wedding. This coordination helps us plan your shots and be in the right place at the right time.

  4. Capture Vibrant Colors: Indian weddings are known for their vibrant and colorful decor. We ensure our professional photography equipment is capable of capturing rich hues. We then use the colors to your advantage, creating visually stunning compositions.

  5. Candid Moments: Indian weddings are filled with candid moments of joy, emotion, and celebration. We’re prepared and ready to capture spontaneous expressions, laughter, and tears. These authentic moments add depth and emotion to your portfolio.

  6. Focus on Details: We pay attention to every intricate details such as Bridal jewelry, henna designs, and traditional attire. These elements hold cultural significance and contribute to the overall storytelling of your Wedding.

  7. We’re respectful and Unobtrusive: 100% we respect the sanctity of your Wedding day and the rituals and ceremonies therein. We are unobtrusive during the intimate moments and use telephoto lenses for discreet shots. We communicate routinely with our Couple’s and their families to establish as sense of trust and comfort.

  8. Create a Storytelling Narrative:  We craft a narrative through your photographs that tells the story of the entire Wedding day.  Right from the start of your day to the final send-off, capturing the progression of events in a compelling and chronological order.

Best Indian Wedding Photos!

Ready to start and save yourself money if your hosting either a one day or a multi day Event?  Let’s chat and get your Big Day set up and your Indian Wedding Photography off to a great start!

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Our Mission Statement.  Our Company’s success has been built on the following three ideals.  Fast, friendly and Professional customer service!

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