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Micro Weddings. Your Best Answer To A Tight Budget!

Micro Weddings. An Intimate Atmosphere.

An Intimate Atmosphere.  Micro Weddings which are typically host a smaller Guest count provide for an easier, stress free Wedding Day where you can better connect with Family and Friends on a more intimate manner.  Isn’t it quality time that really matters the most on your Wedding Day?

Micro Weddings. Cost Savings Built Right In.

If money is an issue and let’s face it .. money is always an issue in this expensive World, Micro Weddings or Small Weddings Toronto are the way to go!  

Smaller Guest lists mean smaller everything costs including booking Wedding Venues and Reception Halls.  This may very well work out to your benefit as well as a number of Wedding Venues look favourably today to hosting smaller Micro Weddings as they can book additional Weddings or Functions at their Venue(s) during the busy Wedding Season.  It’s literally a win-win situation for everyone.  And one that will be sure to save you money as well as a Customer! 

Personalized Experience.

Now we know that the Ladies love to ‘personalize’ every detail of their Wedding.  And why not.  With a smaller Guest list you can do just that.  Making sure each and every detail of your Wedding is just you from start to finish.  Another big benefit of a Micro Wedding!

Micro Weddings Are Certainly Less Stress!

Planning A Micro Wedding in Ontario is certainly less stress when planning stage.  As there are fewer to-do’s with a micro Wedding you can spend your time on other tasks at hand other then just the Wedding itself!

Planning A Micro Wedding In Ontario.

Certainly offers you a larger selection of Wedding Venues from which you can choose.  You won’t be looking for those grandiose oversized Reception Halls to held two or three hundred Guests.  A Micro Wedding can be held at almost every nook and cranny in some of Ontario’s uniquest locations. 

Quality Time With Guests.

Now here’s the real gold when planning and hosting a Micro Wedding.  You actually get the time to spend your precious moments with your Guests.

Your Aunt from far-a-way.  An Uncle from out of town.  Or how about enjoying some amazing photo ops with the Nieces or Nephews that you just never get to see because everyone is so busy with their own Schedule.  Now that in itself is worth gold a hundred times over!

Imagine The Beautiful Photo Ops!

And last but not least imagine the beautiful photo ops or photo opportunities that you can share with your Family and friends.

In larger Weddings as a Professional Wedding Photographer I can almost guarantee you that not everyone has a chance to get in front of the camera with their favourite family members or friends.  It’s just not practical or even possible with a larger Wedding of several hundred Guests.  There is just so many hours in the day and most Micro Weddings are four or five hours tops.  So enjoy this last Micro Wedding cavet in style.

So line everyone up.  Our cameras will be click, click, clicking away to capture every amazing and beautiful memory of your Big Day!

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