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Fairy tales do come true and so it did for our young Muslim Couple Shanaz and Rahim.  A love affair that could not have been painted any truer then at the Bellamy Loft Toronto location and then off to the Aga Khan Museum in the North-East corner of our beloved City of Toronto just off of Sheppard Ave. East.

As any Toronto Wedding Photographer can tell you is that love is boundless in our great World.  Even more so when they announced their ‘I Do’s….’ that fateful, early Summer day of June 24, 2022.

Hand in hand in the presence of their Family, Allah blessed this Marriage and all that was to come afterwards.  It was truly a pleasure to watch as these two hearts became one!

Aga Khan Museum Wedding Photos

Couples.  In addition to the beautiful Lawns, walkways and one simply gorgeous, relfective pool of water have you considered the actual Museum to take your Wedding photos?  Modern, clean and well lit.  The Aga Khan Museum Wedding Photos Permit will get you inside that beautiful Building. 

Aga Khan Museum Toronto | Wedding Photography

Having spoken their Wedding Vows, Shanaz and Rahim moved their Wedding Day proceedings across Town to the Aga Khan Museum which held a special place in their hearts as it was one of the Mecca’s of the Muslim Faith in Toronto.

The grounds in which we worked at the Aga Khan Museum were in many ways a fairy tale’s rendition of what any Muslim Wedding might have portrayed back home in their native Homelands of either India or Pakistan.

Beautiful white stone crushed walkways.  Four beautifully designed reflective water pools and a perfectly manicured garden with shrubs, lawns and colorful trees to make anyone want to stop and spend a moment or two in such a visually stunning area of North Toronto. 

Aga Khan Wedding.

A beautiful, classic and traditional Wedding Photography Venue in Toronto’s East end.   Specifically suited to hosting your Canadian Muslim Wedding in style!

Are you considering hosting your Muslim Wedding here?  Your most certainly on the right track.  This place is beautiful!

Muslim Wedding Photography Toronto

And as the day drew to a close with this young, newly minted Toronto Couple it was this Toronto Wedding Photographer’s warmest belief that this Marriage would not only stand the test of time but would also serve as a reminder to other Toronto Couples that love is in fact endless.

Well done guys.  Your Wedding was AMAZING!

The Perfect Wedding

Are you planning your own Muslim Wedding in our great City of Toronto? is here and ready to discuss how we might be of service to you on your Big Day.  We’re ready to bring it.  One beautiful memory at a time! 

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