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Oasis Convention Centre | Mississauga Wedding Photography

A Wedding Of The Heart

Without a doubt this was a Wedding to warm the heart!

As a Toronto Wedding Photographer, I came to know both Kim and George prior to the Global Pandemic of  2019 when I shot their Wedding Engagement Shoot in Toronto’s Alexander Muir Memorial Park.  Their love for each other was absolutely without question.  Two hearts and two Souls who were just meant to find each other.

And then as we all know, the World wide Pandemic hit crippling the hopes and aspirations of many soon to be married Couples.  Yet, although the wait may have begun for many of my Toronto Brides and Grooms to get married, the stage had been set for this unquestionable LOVE AFFAIR that would outlast even the toughest of times. 

And once my Toronto Wedding Couples were able to wed again in early 2022,  boy ole boy did Kim and George BRING IT!  The magic, the pomp and the genuine heart felt warmth of Canada’s East Coast was about to paint this Town red with an explosion of love, family and commitment.  In short this long over due Wedding was a Gala to remember without question!

The Old Mill Toronto Hotel

Whilst Kim prepared for her Big Day in the luxurious Old Mill Toronto Hotel surrounded by closet girlfriends, George prepared for his Big Day surrounded by his most trusted Gentlemen in the relative comfort of their private Residence.

The anticipation of the day was building.  Including one incredibly cute Flower Girl and one all so dapper little Ring Bearer.  As they’re Lead Photographer, I attended to Kim while my Assistant attended to the George and his Troop.  The day’s first Portrait Shoots had begun.


Oasis Convention Centre | Mississauga

Now dressed, prepped and ready to take on the World our Wedding Couple moved onto to the Oasis Convention Centre Mississauga which was befitting a Wedding of this stature. Punctuated with Luxurious wide Banquet Halls and an first rate Wedding menu fit for any King or Queen hosting such a wonderful Wedding.

The joint Wedding and Reception to follow was a not only a thing of beauty but amazement.  Much to the delight of both family and friends.  Many of whom had traveled from Canada’s East Coast to partake in this wonderful Event.  And it is this humble Toronto Wedding Photographer’s hope that our photos pay tribute to such a wonderfully planned Wedding.

Wedding Photography. A Day's Journey Complete.

Although the World may have seemingly rolled up the Welcome mat and shuttered it’s windows, Kim and George held true to their faith and love during this difficult time and came out the other end of a long two year pause more then ready and waiting to welcome the World back into their hearts when they said those two magical words… “I do!”

– Well done guys.  It was a pleasure working with you and yours.  Your Wedding was most certainly worth the wait and I was honored to have been just a small part of your day!

Planning Your Own Wedding In Toronto?

On behalf of our Team at Canadian Wedding Photography we’re here to help.  So bring on the color.  Bring on the music and bring on the emotion.  Our camera lenses are here and ready to capture your Big Day in a wonderful and affordable Wedding Photography style that won’t break the Bank.

Contributing Artists

Kim’s Makeup – Alisa Lyons.
Kim’s Hairstylist – Rose Corbo
Evening Reception Music (Live Band) Alyssa Dupuis

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