Photographers Can Save Your Wedding.

Wedding Photographers Can Save Your Wedding!

How A Professional Wedding Photographer Can Save Your Wedding.

I can’t emphasis on this one more whole heartedly then this.  Your Toronto Wedding Photographer has spent a lot of time on the floor photographing Weddings.  We’ve seen a lot and been able to add our own spritely sense of advise when we can but there is something to said for any Service Provider when they can jump into the fray and save the day.

Provided below is some real case scenarios that you might want to avoid for a picture perfect Wedding day!

Hiring A Cheap Wedding Photographer Brings Even Cheaper Results.

This is a Buyer Be Ware problem.

To use a simple simile as your walking around your local Car Dealership your looking at the brand new 2022’s.  The ok 2021’s and the not so good cars that are tucked away in the distant corner of the lot vehicles.  Sure you can do without the brand new rides.  After all they will certainly do what you want and get you where your going in style.

The so so 2021 cars are fine.  They might have only been previously owned by one Owner and still have a lot of life left in them.  And those maybe you can get another year or two out of those cars hidden in the back parking lot.

But do you really want to chose the cheapest Wedding Photographer on the block?  Concerned about the cost of Wedding Photography Packages?  Sure the sticker shock is a thing of the past with these older cars but can they run and keep running over the period of time that your gonna own them.  But is the cheapest Wedding Photographer gonna be able to bring home the bacon with his images?

Does he have the experience, the properly maintained equipment to last the course of your Wedding day and the professional customer service that is only learned over years of in the field experience that your Wedding day relies on?  Just remember that cheap does not always equal good.  And that good does not always equal cheap.  It’s a gamble that you won’t have to encounter with a Professional working Wedding Photographer on your Big day. 

A Professional Toronto Wedding Photographer Must Come With A Professional Attitude.

A Professional Photographer always brings his ‘A’ Game.  Anything else is just dangerous!  And amidst that ‘A Game’ is a bevy of proven and tested Wedding Photography tips to make sure your day run smoothly from scheduling your Family Portraits to ensuring everyone in your Wedding Party has been properly looked after.

I’ve seen it before and it keeps happening time and time again.  A guy that looks good on paper and sounds good on the other end of a Zoom call is not always the best choice for your Wedding.  

A Professional attitude.  The ability to take constructive criticism and an true understanding of what his Client’s want captured during their Wedding day is a must.  After all there is no second chances at a Wedding.  Your Wedding day is gonna unfold one way or the other.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have the best man or woman behind the lens to ensure your Wedding day Photography is at it’s best.  After all this is what we’ve trained for.  Wedding after Wedding!

Check Those Google Reviews First Before Pulling Out Your Wallet!

Although you might not be able to speak directly to your Toronto Wedding Photographer’s past Customers – great 5 Star – Google Reviews are not easy to earn.

A Professional Wedding Photographer works years within his chosen Field to learn his craft and ability to interact with Toronto’s myriad of multi-ethnic Cultures.  Yet 5 Star Google Reviews would certainly seem to indicate a well rounded, practiced and experienced Wedding Photographer.  Just another indication of how a Professional Wedding Photographer can save your Wedding if these go wrong.

On The Church Floor Experience. Measure Twice - Cut Once.

This is the ‘Measure twice – Cut Once’ approach that a Professional Toronto Wedding Photographer brings to the table.

Show me a Church, Temple or Synagogue in the Toronto area that is properly lit for Professional Photography.  Either the Wedding Venue is too dark, has great open areas that require additional areas or is just simply not usable.

A Professional Wedding can save your Wedding day by being able to walk into your Venue and quickly determine where your gonna need better lighting to ensure your Wedding photos are properly lit and colorful.  Again something that an Amateur may not either a) be able to properly access or b) does not carry the proper equipment to remedy the problem!  Again it’s a matter of experience! 

Our Magic Wedding Day Advise.

Wedding days are not an everyday occurrence.  First and foremost don’t bargain shop. This is most certainly not the time to look for a cheap Wedding Photography.  I’ve seen Couples Wedding photos ruined because they only wanted to hire the cheapest service provider they could find.

Do your homework.  Read those Google Reviews.  People who are pleased with their Service people’s workmanship and knowledge while on the job write these Reviews for a reason.  Most likely because they were happy with the level of Customer Service they received.  In the end every young couple wants the best for their Wedding so just be sure to do your research before signing any Wedding Photography Contract.

Best Regards,

Blair Atkins

Beautiful Bridal photos of an Indian Bridesmaid walking down the Isle.
Bride and Groom photos. Bride and Groom on stairs of the Church.
Greek Bride kisses her Husband outside the Church.

Professional Wedding Photographers Can Save Your Wedding!

Ask us how.  A quick 30 minute Consultation is always free!

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Enjoy the read! 

Blair is a Toronto based Wedding & Portrait Photographer who lives his life through the lens one frame at a time.  Always chasing that perfect image whether it’s a beautiful afternoon Wedding or a long overdue Family Portrait Session.

He is a free spirited Creative who is truly invested in savings his Customer’s their hard earned cash in an already over priced Toronto Wedding Industry.  His motto in life is really quite simple.  Grab life by the horns and enjoy.  Our time on this Big Blue Marble we call Planet Earth is short enough!  

Hence his approach to Professional Photography.  Do a great job for your Customer and you’ve accomplished something in Life.  Life is just too short to be sitting on the sidelines and waiting for that perfect opportunity to dance!

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Blair Atkins

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