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Stella and Goran.  Quite easily my Power Couple for 2022.

Now this was one Wedding that had been planned down to the last details.

From the flower arrangements to whom was going to ensure that everyone had a good time.  It seems that my task as a Toronto Wedding Photographer or Wedding Photographer Toronto as Google likes to describe us was going to be an easy day.  Just point and click.

This Couples Wedding Photos we’re gonna be an easy go.  I believe the results speak for themselves.  Such color, beauty and steeped in the rich tradition of the Serbian Orthodox Church lay ahead for this guy.

Yet the really interesting thing about this Wedding was going to be how this Couple would balance their own family and traditional Cultural requirements to make their Day a big success.

Wedding Photographer Serbian.

Once our Wedding group was ready it was off to the Serbian Orthodox Church in Southern Etobicoke which produced an amazing collection of images then off to the Adamson Estate that is centrally located in Mississauga.  For the life of me as a Toronto Wedding Photographer I can’t tell you where I had more fun.

But I believe it might have been at the Adamson Estate.

The manicured lawns.  The open access to Lake Ontario which produced an amazing number of Wedding photos the day was a complete blur of happiness and well driven and directed results.

Stella and Goran we’re such a pleasure to work with.  So much so that at the end of the Wedding Day I still wanted more time to continue to work with this amazing Couple!

Planning A Serbian Wedding In Toronto?

Are you planning your own Serbian or Italian Wedding in the Toronto area.  We’re here for you.  Our time spent over the past decade has served us well.

Couple our past experience with our cost effective Wedding Photography Packages and second to none old fashioned sense of Customer Service and you’ve got a fairytale Wedding Day ahead of you.

So why not give us a call?  We’re always ready to lend our cameras and experience to all of our Customer’s Weddings.  Without question your Wedding photos in Toronto will be a thing of beauty.  We promise.

Still not sure?  Grab us a cup of coffee and read through our multiple Customer Reviews.  They are all 5  Star.  As they say… the proof if in the pudding!

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