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Filipino Wedding Photos. Filipino Couple exchanging wedding rings photo.
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Wedding Photos Filipino. Bride and Bridesmaids with flowers.
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Micro Wedding Package

4 Hours Coverage
$ 899
Inc. Taxes

Micro Wedding Enhanced Package

6 Hours Coverage
$ 1,499
Inc. Taxes

Bronze Wedding Package

8 Hours Coverage
$ 2499 Inc. Taxes

Silver Wedding Package

10 Hours Coverage
$ 2999 Inc. Taxes

Gold Wedding Package

12 Hours Coverage
$ 3499 Inc. Taxes

Wedding Photography Toronto

Each of the above Toronto Wedding Photography Packages have been designed for the working Man and Woman in mind.  To best provide a unique balance of cost and affordability and what you’ll receive at the end of the day.

I’ve appreciate that we all come from different economic backgrounds and all of our pay cheques  do not look the same.  And perhaps most important of all, I understand that most of our Customer’s are younger people who are striving to accomplish their own in life.  Maybe they are Paying off College or University loans.  Bi-weekly car payments and just simply keeping a roof over their heads and providing for their families as a single Parent.  And last but not least how about those who have been fortunate enough in life to find love a second time and just want a simple Service to fit the bill without having to take out a second Mortgage to pay the cost.

So yes, my thought was to best provide my Customers with a sense of affordability.  Not an opportunity to go further into debt which is just so easy to do when you getting Married.  Heck, we even offer a structured payment plan if that helps.

And best yet, unlike other overpriced Wedding Photography  Toronto Services we’re definitely not going to start our Customer’s off with 5K or 10K dollar Packages for 8 hours of work.  So do rest assured our hand won’t be in your pocket trolling for the second half of your Rent or Mortgage payment.  That’s just not cool!  On average having completed our own Market Research were a good 30 – 40% cheaper then the next Wedding Photography Service in the City.

Would we be considered a source of cheap wedding photography Toronto?  Not unless cheap wedding photography Toronto means being well positioned and affordable.  Our result’s and multiple 5 Star Google Reviews certainly speak loudly in respect to our happy Customer’s expectations.

I’m rather proud of that statistic.  An affordable Wedding Photographer should be just that – affordable!

Our Payment Plan. How Does 1/3 Sound?

So here’s how we accomplish this.

A 1/3 Deposit to Book your Day with the remaining 2/3 to be paid off one full Month prior to your Wedding.

I’m happy, I have another wonderful Couple to work with.  Your happy as your now able to better structure your money and pay days with your other Wedding Day Services such as your Religious Service, your Wedding Celebrant, your Reception Hall, Caterers, Florist and DJ.  These things all add up and quickly at that as well.

Yes, you will still have to pay off that last 2/3 before your Wedding but at least you’ll have had that opportunity to make it a little easier on your Pay cheque.  Sounds like it might work?  Just let me know.  I’ve had several young Couples benefit from this option.  And it doesn’t cost me anything to do this and your not paying anything extra either to take advantage of this option. 

Sounds like a plan?  Just let me know.  We’re here to listen.  And to make life a little bit easier in the process!  To these words, I promise!  Nobody gets left behind when you part of  this Family!  

Hosting A Smaller Micro Wedding?

So your hosting a smaller Intimate Wedding.  That’s called a ‘Micro Wedding.’  We can offer you a four hour Package that will do the job.  Or perhaps you hosting a slightly larger gathering?  Well then your looking at a Micro Enhanced Wedding Photography Package at six hours.  Or you’ve been saving for that all day Wedding with the longer hours and lots of photos?  We can accommodate that as well with either our Bronze – Silver or Gold Wedding Photography Package.

In either respect our prices compared to the older, long since established Wedding Photography Services in Toronto won’t be costing you an arm and a leg.  For the life of me I don’t know what those other Services are offering their younger Couples for 10K plus?  There best be gold in those Wedding Albums to justify their Package costs!

Why not call our rather unique and affordable Toronto Wedding Photography Studio and allow us the wonderful opportunity to part of your Big Day!

Blair Atkins | Owner
Blair Atkins Photography
Canadian Wedding Photography | Toronto

Filipino Wedding image. Bride and Groom kneeling in prayer.
Beautiful Bridal photos of an Indian Bridesmaid walking down the Isle.
Bridal image of a young Filipino Bride in a Garden.

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Toronto Wedding Photography

Our Mission Statement.  Our Company’s success has been built on the following three ideals.  Fast, friendly and Professional customer service. 

Having proudly served Toronto over the past 10 years.  We’ve worked tirelessly to save our Customer’s their hard earned money and best structure their Professional Photography needs in a timely, cost effective manner.

If’ it’s an upcoming Wedding in the Family or a special Family milestone that you want beautifully photographed, we want to be that one Toronto Photography Service who can get the job done and save you money long after the Band has gone home for the night or the cameras have gone back into the bags.

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