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The Magic Of Wedding Engagements.

There’s just something magical about a Wedding Engagement Session.  Was it that sense of anticipation of your soon to be Fiancée or was it that pregnant pause before she said ‘yes’?

In either respect it was a magical moment that everyone can share when they drop down to that one knee and ask that special person seated before them.  Now well onto your way to the Alter there is planning to be done to show the World just how much you love this person!

And what better way to do it then seal the deal with a proper Wedding Engagement Session.

We’ll chose a location of mutual interest.  We’ll plan this special hour to get together and we’ll get those fancy cameras whirling away with memories that will last for a lifetime!

Are Wedding Engagements Still Relevant Today?

Your Wedding Engagement ceremony or Engagement Party is still very much relevant today regardless of the size or stature of your upcoming expected Wedding.  Promoting a number of favorable variables to look forward to.

Among the above noted benefits would be adding a sense of recognition of your future Husband or Wife as in certain instances your family either distant or far may never have met your intended.  Secondly, a Wedding Engagement Shoot would provide you with a rich context of images to chose from to send out in your Wedding Invitations.  And last but not least your Wedding Engagement Shoot provides you with a unique opportunity to work with your Toronto Wedding Photographer.

In short it’s a win – win – win situation all the way around.  And if you bundle your Wedding Engagement Shoot with an existing Wedding Photography Package quite often you’ll save a good deal of money in the process.  How’s that for both a sense of anticipation for your upcoming Wedding and a cost saving measure for your upcoming Wedding.

When To Plan For Your Wedding Engagement Ceremony?

Quick answer: 3 Months out from the Wedding.

Idealistically that period of three Months gives us as a Team time to properly plan your Wedding Engagement Shoot.  It also allows us the opportunity to reschedule if either member of our Team falls sick or ill and we can reschedule the Shoot to a more equitable time to suit everyone’s schedule. Remember as we draw closer and closer to your Wedding the time will just fly by in a blink of an eye.

Secondly those same three Months also allows you as a Couple the time to coordinate with any given City or Municipal Licensing Department to obtain and receive your Weddings & Parks license should you chose to shoot your Wedding Engagement Session in one of our beautifully manicured Parks during the busy Summer or Fall Season and have that Permit in hand when we set out that day for a day of fun in the Sun.

Yes some of our City or Provincial Parks do require a Permit to work within them on a Professional basis.  So we’ll play it smart as a Team and put our best foot forward on this date.

Getting married or organizing your own Wedding or Wedding Engagement Shoot.  Do drop us a line at our Contact Page and we’ll be sure to get the wheels moving on your Big Day in a beautiful, timely and organized method!


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