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As an established Toronto Wedding Photographer, I’m often asked what is the best Wedding Venues Toronto.  Other enquires range from best Wedding Venues GTA.  Or best Wedding Venues in Ontario.

If I were to so inclined to travel outside the Toronto and GTA area it would even complicate the question even more.  It’s a hard question to say the least.  I’ve attended a dizzying number of Weddings now in either a personal or Professional capacity.  So where exactly does one start?

Does the question simply start or finish with that simple enquiry?   What exactly is the best Wedding Venues Ottawa or does it start with a simpler concept such as best Wedding songs 2021 or 2022?

Or perhaps we start with best Wedding Vows or best Wedding songs of all time?  It’s all subjective.  And that of a Couples personal taste or desire.

So let’s hit the nail right on the head.  It’s not a singular concept or query which dictates the best Wedding destinations or the best Wedding favours or even the best Wedding gifts that are either received or gifted at the end of the night!

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It’s the very real concept of love that I’ve been privileged to photograph as a Toronto Wedding Photographer.  It’s the emotion that runs so beautifully throughout the Wedding day Ceremony and the expected Wedding Reception.  And it’s the sheer joy to work with any young Toronto or GTA Couple as we plan their Wedding Engagement Shoot.

Was it the visual cues that made each of these Weddings so memorable that I’ve posted above?  Or was it the music and dance that to this day still has me sitting back and thinking of our Couples Wedding day?  Or was it that intense emotion of love and respect that each Couple brought to my lens that immortalized their Big Day forever more and a day?

In either respect, as a Toronto Wedding Photographer or as a Wedding Photographer Toronto as Google likes to call it, it was my honor to be part of each of these Couples Big Day!  And my thoughts and prayers continue to go out to each of my Couples that they should enjoy many, many years of Wedded bliss as they move forward with their lives and embrace the many challenges that lay ahead!

As such do enjoy the Gallery’s that I’ve posted above.  Each of them is a unique personal triumph of my Customer’s both present and past.  And perhaps, just perhaps we’ll have a chance to meet and plan your Wedding.  One beautiful click at a time! 🙂

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