Wedding Photography In Yorkdale.

Best Wedding Photography In Yorkdale.

Bride and Groom first kiss and embrace.
Country Wedding. Bride dances with her Father In Law.

Wedding Photography In Yorkdale.

Fast and efficient!

Unlike other Wedding Photography Services, we here at Canadian Wedding Photography have developed a system to ensure that your onsite and offsite Wedding Services are completed in a quick and timely manner.  You will not be waiting three Months to see your Sneak Peak.  You will not be waiting six Months before you receive your Wedding Albums and/or printed images.

You’ll have all of our end Deliverables quicker then our Competition!  How can you beat that!

How To Plan Your Own Wedding Photography In Yorkdale. has put together an excellent Online Article entitled ‘A Couple’s Guide To Planning A Weddings In Toronto.’

It’s packed full of helpful information to get you started the right way!

Affordable Wedding Photography.

At Canadian Wedding Photography we know that we’re not all born with a silver spoon in our mouths.  We all have to work hard to earn our money and pay our bills.

As such Canadian Wedding Photography has studied the Ontario Wedding Industry and ensured that our rates are more then competitive and affordable.  We can even offer you a payment plan to make your paycheck last longer.  After all isn’t your money better in your pocket longer then ours.  Ask us how we can make this happen!

This is just another cost saving measure that we offer all our Brides and Grooms!

Our Commitment. Our Promise!

In closing…

We love what we do at Canadian Wedding Photography.  We have built this Business from the ground up with you, our Brides and Grooms in mind.  And exactly what our Brides and Grooms expect from a Professional Wedding Photography Service.

Our commitment in respect to providing a positive Customer experience coupled with multiple cost effective measures have been the cornerstone of Canadian Wedding Photography since it’s very origin.  

Why not call us today and enjoy these same benefits that all of our Brides and Grooms have enjoyed time and time again!

Business Hours

Mon.      10 am. – 6 pm.
Tue.       10 am. – 6 pm.
Wed.      10 am. – 6 pm.
Thurs.    10 am. – 6 pm.
Fri.          10 am. – 6 pm.
Sat.         10 am. – 6 pm.
Sun.                      Closed.

Service Areas

Toronto, Ontario
Etobicoke, Ontario
Mississauga, Ontario
Brampton, Ontario
Vaughan, Ontario
Richmond Hill, Ontario
Markham, Ontario
Scarborough, Ontario

Toronto Wedding Photography

Our Mission Statement.  Our Company’s success has been built on the following three ideals.  Fast, friendly and Professional customer service!

Blair Atkins Official Media Portrait Image.

Blair Atkins

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