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Mississauga Wedding Venue

Never let it be said that you can’t plan a Wedding in a well manicured and spacious Backyard in Mississauga, Ontario.  Such was the case of this WONDERFUL Couple Shelby and David.

This well kept gem of a private Residence just backed off of the Toronto Humber River Ravine in an upscale neighborhood of Mississauga.  In short, it was a wonderful afternoon to Shoot a Micro Wedding in the sun and fun of the day!

Ample space to work in.  A more then welcoming Family to spend four hours with and no restrictions on how I could move around during our course of time spent with our Couple’s joint Family’s.  It was everything short of a true sense of Nirvana that any Photo Nut could attest too! 

Mississauga Photographer

As a Mississauga Photographer my Partner and I were tasked with photographing the Pronunciation of our Couple’s Vows as their actual Religious Service had previously taken place earlier in a seperate location.

Further tasked with a sense of capturing the joint Family’s Portraits in a beautiful and personal manner.  As well as photographing the undeniable love between our newly minted Couple.  A task that we were surely up to on that beautiful Weekend in July 2022.

It was a good combination of tasks that we had been entrusted with and I believe that the results above speaks for themselves.

Misissauga Wedding Photography

Are you planning your own upscale Micro Wedding in your own Backyard either large or small?  We’re here to help and to do our best to make your Wedding a thing of beauty.

And the best part of all is that it won’t cost you an arm and a leg either.  Our Micro Wedding Photography Packages start well below a $1000.00 CDN.  And if your an American planning on getting married here in Canadian that’s an even better deal with our current Exchange Rate.

So why not visit us at and let’s explore together what we can do for you and your Fiancée!

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