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Our Pick of Incredible Wedding Photography Service Areas.

Make sure your Wedding Day captures all the special moments with pictures you will treasure forever! Check out our hand-picked selection of incredible Wedding Photography Service areas.

From stunning outdoor scenes to classic indoor settings.  Our favorite Wedding Photography Service areas will provide you with the perfect backdrop for your Special day. Whether you want a dreamy beach portraits or lively city streetscapes, we have a variety of options for couples looking for beautiful, timeless wedding photos!

How To Plan Your Wedding In Toronto.

As the majority of my Wedding Shoots take place in the Toronto area, I thought to provide the link to the City of Toronto Marriage Services Website.  Enjoy.

Helpful Quick Tips On How To Plan Your Wedding.

Legal requirements.  Have a quick review of Ontario marriage laws.  Ensure you have a valid Ontario Marriage License that is valid for 90 days leading up to your Wedding.

Venues.  Explore various Venues throughout Southern Ontario.  Consider factors like capacity, ambiance and the accessibility for Guests.  Especially if you have Guests coming to your Wedding that may have to work with any number of  physical challenges during your Wedding.

Vendors.  Ensure you are only hiring reputable Vendors that are both licensed and insured.  Such Vendors to consider might be Photographers, Videographers, DJ’s, Florists etc.  Do you research and ensure each and everyone of your Vendors has a solid reputation.  Remember to read those Google Reviews.  They are true to life experiences other Couples have had with your potential Vendors.

Budget.  Create a realistic budget and stick to it.  Prioritize expenses that matter the most to you.  In most cases it may be your Wedding Photographer or how much is the cost per meal at your evening Wedding Reception.

City Permits & Park Locations.  Now here is one that most people don’t think about and I wish more Wedding Planners would bring it to people’s attention the instant a young Couple mention having a mid day Park Shoot.  

There are many, many Parks and Recreation areas especially in the larger Towns and Cities that require a Park Permit to stop and take photos in.  Without such a Permit, it is you, our young Couples that could be fined if you do not have such a Permit.  Is it a cash grab by many Cities and Municipalities?  100% but it’s just better to be prepared.

Your Wedding Day Schedule.  Having worked within the Southern Ontario Wedding Industry for years, I can honestly say that there have only been a handful of Weddings that have actually run on time.  Which is a shame really.  With just a little more planning and watching the clock, many a young Couples Big Day could have stayed on schedule from the Church to the Evening Reception.  

There’s an old saying in life when your planning out a big Event that goes something like this.  ‘Plan the work and work the plan.’

Have a Back up plan.  As I say to many of my young Brides and Grooms.  And perhaps it’s a reflection of my past CAF Military Training.  Have a back up plan!

Real life examples as such.  If it unexpectedly rains can we move to an indoor location to continue Shooting your Day?  If an Event or sequence of your Wedding Day is running overtime can we make up the time in the next segment of your Day?  Or better yet if the Limo Driver has not circled back in time from getting his Tim Horton’s Double Double coffee is there a back up Driver that can get you from point A to point B?

In closing the quick tips outlined above could really be super helpful and beneficial when it comes to making sure that your Big Day is something that will be remembered for a lifetime.  As I said earlier.  Plan the work and work the Plan.  Happy Wedding planning and make your Big Day AMAZING!


Wedding Photos Mississauga. Family of the Bride leave the Church.
Garden Wedding. Bride and Groom with Wedding rings.
Toronto Wedding Photographer. Bride and Groom wedding photos.
Toronto Wedding Photographer Near Me. Golf Course image.
Indian wedding. Beautiful Bride and Groom portrait.
Wedding dinner party. Canadian Indian Wedding Dinner.
Top Photographers In Etobicoke.
City of Toronto Wedding Photos Toronto. Bride and Groom with wedding flowers.
East Gwillimbury
Serbian Orthodox Weddings In Toronto. Flag Bearers.
Wedding Photos Mississauga. Family of the Bride leave the Church.
Toronto Wedding Photos. Seated formal image of Bride and Groom.
Top Wedding Photographers In Canada.
Toronto Event Photography.
Wedding Photographer Wedding image. Best men putting lapel flowers.
Filipino Bride and Father walk towards the Alter.
Filipino Wedding Photos. Bridesmaids image Toronto
Classic Oakville Wedding Photos. Bride and Groom in front of water fountain.
Wedding. Bride Walking Down The Isle.
Country Barn Wedding. Bride and Groom at the Dinner table.
Greek Wedding photography image of a Greek Couple in the Church. Mother looks on.
Indian wedding photography. Bride and Groom. Sepia image.
Wedding Photos. Barn dance. Girls dancing.
Top Wedding Photographers In Canada.
Serbian Wedding Photography Vaughan
Mississauga Wedding Photography. Bride's First Dance.
Aga Khan Museum. Wedding Image. Bride And Groom. Water. Dance.
Wedding photography image. Young Indian Bride and Groom. Toronto, Ontario.

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